Capirona | Booty shorts

Capirona | Booty shorts


DORAWYN low impact-dyed shorts have a slim cut silhouette with a high waistband. The shorts have a rusty brown hand-dyed color and a black panel on the left thigh. The shorts have been hand cut and sewn from a GOTS qualified thin organic cotton jersey fabrics.

- Black panel detail
- Booty cut
- Exposed cut panels
- Unique pattern construction
- Thin organic fabric
- Styled here with pieces from DORAWYN
- Limited in availability

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MADE TO ORDER. This means when you place an order, you actually PREORDER the article pictured.
This allows us to be able to offer a wider size range, but depending on the amount of orders, the producing time can be from 1 week (that’s the average manufacturing time) up to 5 weeks, as we might knit some fabrics as well.

May you have any issues, contact us.