Everything is so beautiful up here, it’s almost like a dream. We don’t anymore count the years, and everything has slowed down, compared to the life we were living on Earth.

Our last news from Earth were about a crazy war going on down there, but we didn’t really had the tools to intervent, and to be honest, our population is already growing and we wouldn’t share our precious planet with these wildlings.

Our gardens are crazy, I never think I’ve experienced anything similar to this before. I don’t know if it’s the artificial air, or the water that we use -- we collect the water from the air itself in a vapor form, the water that has been exhaled by the habitants. I think this is why it’s different. We are all way more connected to the environment we created.

So it’s spring now, I guess, I would call it spring. Everywhere I look I see lush plants growing from the soil. It’s been a long time living in this deserted planet, but it’s luckily all changed by now. The view rather reminds me of a rainforest, various greens, oh, they are beautiful…

I could easily get lost in these wild forests, enjoying the smells, inhailing its fresh, humid air, but we’re not allowed to go in, yet. The plants are so fragile, so weak that they wouldn’t survive human pollution, so we just watch them growing from our artificial environment.
But I feel like it’s calling my name, I have to go in… 
[extract from an unknown person’s diary]

… „10-33. Someone entered the restricted area!”…
[extract from the police radio conversation]

These gardens meant hope for each citizen, living on planet SR47. But a serious infection occoured due to an unauthorized entry. We are sorry to inform you, that 70% of our flora is dead, and we’re fighting for the rest. We will take further steps to prevent such events in the near future.
[extract from the government’s news conference]

Photo: Gergely Vihar
Model: Alexandra Elbert, Kinga Vihar
Makeup: Alexandra Elbert
Hair: Patrik Hollósi